Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Pictures of My Conn Tenor Restoration

I got my pictures! Note that these are not silver plated, (as obvious), but they are sandblasted, which comes before the silver plating. Then the bell will be gold plated. I almost want it to stay like this, looking so beautiful, but, I know what is coming. The bottom pics are the ones where the sax is sandblasted. The upper pics are the horn stripped and polished. I was so happy to get these pics from Doc. I can't wait to get the frickin horn! Lol! I can tell Doctor Frazier is very serious about his work, to take this much quality and time on a project. If you look closely at the pictures, the texture looks pretty original to that as it would have looked in 1929, when it was manufactured. Unbelievable! Usually when Conns are replated with satin silver, time is not usually spent masking up the engraving, to look original, but this has been done properly. The pads will be white (with kangaroo leather), as the possibly, could have been when first when manufactured (but some were lamb skin), or Conn Res-O-Pads (more than likely what was original), but if they were white, the only difference is going to be the gold plated resonators, which I believe have a better tone than the plain riveted ones. The dents, (although barely noticeable), that I thought would be impossible to remove because of the way they occured, are nonexistent. As Quinn-The-Eskimo says: "The Pictures tell the rest of the story."

--- Here is the front view of the horn, completely sripped and polished, along with one necessary solder, and minor dent removal. ---

--- Here is the rear view of the horn. ---

--- Pictured is the player's left side of the horn.---
--- The right side of the horn. ---
--- The bow. ---

--- The engraving, stripped of lacquer. ---

--- The masterpiece-THE engraving. (sandblasted). ---

--- The right side of THE engraving. (sandblasted). ---

--- The left side of THE engraving. (sandblasted). ---

I spent so much time at McDonalds, working, to buy the horn, and even more to pay for the work, but I did it, and it feels fantastic, and I cannot wait to get this Axe back. I am glad that I did not die during that accident, because I sure would be pissed off to miss something like this! ;-) Lol!

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