Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Review of The Pro-Tec Contoured Case

Hello again. I will be sharing my opinion on Pro-Tec Cases.
I recently purchased one from a great friend, who did not use it much, and she gave me an extraordinary deal on it. I love this case.

There are many Features on this case that are not found on a lot of other cases. It is in a way, a gig case, but not. It opens up like a regular case, and your saxophone is stored like a normal case, but it is shaped like a gig case, leaving you more room to store it, and also making it lighter. The case is equipped with a handle, and a back pack strap, making travel extremely easy. I believe I have a slightly earlier model than most, whereas it does not have a mouthpiece compartment, but that is what neck bags are for. I will not be using a neck bag, but instead I will be using a cedar mouthpiece box in which I am handcrafting for my Classical and Jazz Mouthpieces for my tenor. It will be made to fit in the front pocket in the case. There are two pockets on this case, both of which have a good bit of room in them. There is one large pocket on the front that has a place to store pens. In that pocket, it has a pocket inside for a cell phone, and some other supplies, and there is another pocket on the back that is empty and is a good place for my mini tool kit with my butane torch and screw drivers. This is a great case. The inside is completely felt. The body is strong, and impact resistant. The inside on my ase, like said, does not have the mouthpiece holder, but they do come with a place for your neck like a normal case, which is not found on gig cases. Putting a neck in the bell, is not always the most appropraite storage place, for your sax, or the neck.

This case is very safe, whereas there are two YKK Zippers on the exterior, and there is Velcro to reinforce keeping the case closed, which is also very rigid. There is also Velcro on the handles so that they may be held together for even more protection to keep the case closed. there is a nice Pro-Tec Badge on the outside, which I think adds to the style, and looks nice.

This case is very economical, and ergonomical, and is worth the money if you have it. It is reasonably priced, and will not let you down. It is a lot cheaper than many other cases, and is one of the most used cases in the world. It would be an appropriate investiment, and would in my opinion not leave any regrets, to you if you purchased it. There are many places that sell these, but if you are wanting to save money, purchase yours from the WoodWind & BrassWind.


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