Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Farewell my friend.

Hello everyone.

Well, yesterday, I found out that my teacher is moving to Mississippi with his family. He has a new job down there. I am really going to miss him. He was my saxophone teacher, for three years, possibly more, I cannot really remember at the moment. He is a great guy, and extremely talented. He is mainly a classical player, but also a fantastic jazz player.

We used to have lessons every week. I have learned a great deal from him, and wish that I could continue to take lessons, but it is not possible, until we have teleportation. Joking. I would walk to his house every week, and take lessons. He only lived right down the street.

We are good friends, and will continue to talk to each other probably, until I die. David was the man who introduced me to Conn saxophones, and I am glad I met him. If it was not for him, I would be playing a Mark VI, and probably have no knowledge of Conn saxophones. I probably would not even be playing at all.

The first TRUE saxophone, I ever played, was his Conn Transitional Tenor. I came to my first lesson with a Bundy II Tenor, that was in horrible shape (I now know, Lol), and he pointed out all of the flaws, and I began to learn with what a real saxophone was. I could never afford a true Conn until recently because I had school horns, and my parents did not yet want to buy one.

When I played his Conn, (He only let me do it once when he was pointing out the damage on the bundy), it was the best sax I ever played. I still believe that, and I have played a lot of saxophones since then. I could not believe that someone could have something around eighty years old that looked, and sounded so beautiful. It was amazing, and since then, I wanted a Conn. He later sold me a Conn 25M Alto, which was my first sax, and I loved it. But when I moved to PA, I sold it out of stupidity wanting a tenor. I wish that I could have it back.

I would always love to listen to David play his Conns during a lesson, showing me how to play something the right way, or playing a duet.. I would love to look at them, and even more, the sound. I will forever more play a Conn, and I hope God lets me bring mine to heaven, (wink wink). I had a grand time getting lessons, and I have so much more knowledge thanks to him. I hope to play gigs with David in the future, and I am glad, I have had such a great friend.

Playing saxophone is fun, and enjoyable, and one of my great talents, that I hope to will continue to grow. Thanks a lot David for everything, and I wish you luck in your new job.

-Your Friend Ian

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